Hotel Biscuit Tins: Guest Check-in Gifts

One of London’s largest hotels recognise that for guest it’s the small details that set them apart from other sites. They wanted to enhance their guests stay by offering them a gift as they check in, in the form of a biscuit tin.

Making a tasty first impression was the hotel businesses aim, and they approached us looking for a product that would meet their budget requirements while offering a high-quality eating experience and meet various dietary requirements. We proposed our luxurious shortbread vegan biscuits packaged in a silver recyclable tin, each branded with a 50mm label.

The business used over 10,000 tins over a 3-month period, with a pallet of the tins arriving each week. The tins were a key part of the businesses re-opening to guests in 2021, creating a buzz upon arrival for both familiar and new faces at the hotel.


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